Thursday, 8 February 2018

#CELTAchat Summary 05/02/2018: 7 ideas to Clarify, Support and Encourage Reflective Practice

The topic of this month's #CELTAchat was Reflective Practice and the participants were: 
@bellinguist, @fionaljp, @ GioLic1976, @RobertTaylorELT, @SophiaKhan4, @SproulBreana @Cathyofnusle

This is a summary of our #CELTAchat where we came up with 7 possible ideas for clarifying, supporting and encouraging reflective practice.

#CELTAchat by Fiona Price

Links included in #CELTAchat 

Rethinking reflection in initial teacher training by Dan Baines - a guest blogger on Sandy Millin's blog

Live chatting in TP observation by Fiona Price

Doing Reflective Practice: a data-led way forward by Steve Walsh and Steve Mann

Storify for detail

Summary by Fiona Price 

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