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#CELTAchat summary 8 January 2018 How personal is your trainer style?

Cathy Bowden @Cathyofnusle volunteered to write the first #CELTAchat summary for 2018.  Many thanks Cathy!

#CELTAchat Mon 8th Jan 2018

Topic: How personal is your trainer style?


Started off with general agreement that trainers do have different styles and that this is a positive, as showing trainees that there’s more than one way to be a teacher/trainer successfully. Trainers can act both as role-model and as a guide to what kind of teaching self a candidate can become.

Darren also raised the point of input/sessions and materials 
and how much we revise materials and ‘make them our own’, there was general agreement that we tend to review and change them regularly, with our own ideas or adopting ideas from other tutors.

There was some discussion of differences in personal style from the tutors’ point of view and what happens if tutors on a course have differing ideas about teaching and learning. It was generally agreed that liaison between tutors to ensure the trainees are getting a clear message is essential. Maria added later that it’s important to adapt your style to the trainees and context on the course too.

Finally, the chat turned to how much trainees should be 
encouraged to ‘do their own thing’, general agreement that 
this is encouraged towards the end of the course, as long as 
they are doing well


Cathy Bowden @Cathyofnusle (summariser)

Fiona Price @fionaljp

Darren Bell @bellinguist

Giovanni Licata @GioLic1976

Maria Conca @MConca16

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