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First #CELTAchat Monday 9 January summary: Supported Lesson Planning and Input

On Monday 9 January we had our first #CELTAchat on Supported lesson planning and Input - the winning topic with 35% of the vote by 17 voters.  There were 9 participants in the live chat and the following asynchronous discussion forum. 

We discussed the following specific questions that had been posted on Padlet:

@GioLic started the discussion off by tweeting that his centre had recently changed their strategy re support saying that they were now giving progressively reduced support from TP1 through to TP7. 

@TeresaBestwick said she thought it was hard to find a balance between giving trainees support they need in LP and allowing space to grow alone, adding - 'Also to be "fair" - giving a trainee more independence may be seen as unfair advantage either way.' @fionaljp asked her what was expected for TP1 and @TeresaBestwick responded by saying that for TP1 her centre is INCREDIBLY prescriptive with very thorough TP points across the board. @angelosbollas responded by saying, 'For TP1, our written TP points are very explicitly written (e.g. 1. Do this, then this, then...). 

@Sarah_TT commented on how different the approaches at the centres mentioned were and @bellinguist agreed that as a freelancer, he has worked at a number of different centres and it is interesting to compare levels of support. 💕 He followed up by saying that there doesn't however, seem to be a best practice method and asked if we thought there should be. @fionaljp said she didn't think so as you can differentiate according to trainee needs - a point that received 💕 and agreement - @GioLic 'Agreed. Like I said, a mix of the context of the centre and trainee needs.'  Referring back to TP1 expectations, @bellinguist tweeted - 'Interesting point - do we insist on a plan for TP1 using the centre's template?' @Sarah_TTrainer replied by saying 'TP1 & 2 (I think) we use v.simple plan, then move to more standard one for the rest of course' and @GioLic asked how templates compared saying his centre used the same template but expected less for TP1/2.  @bellinguist tweeted -'I am flexible in terms of plan for TP1, but prefer them to try to write as complete a plan as possible from the outset' - receiving 💕s and agreement - @Sarah_TTrainer - 'Yes, encourage to have a go at writing but TBH I want them to feel v.comfortable w/TP1 delivery.' - and a suggestion from @tesolmatthew - 'TP2 could be more "diagnostic" *without* prescribing so much there but then you risk trial by fire burn' @GioLic responded, - 'I tend to use TP1/2 as diagnostic in terms of planning and negotiate the content of LP with trainees.' and he agreed with @sandymillin saying, 'Definitely mostly positive FB in TP1.'  

Later, in the asynchronous discussion forum, it was suggested that we shared lesson plan templates and fionaljp made a Padlet for this purpose - still live if anyone would like to add to this shared resource, please do.  Click on the pink + to add content:

Made with Padlet

@fionaljp asked, "So in answer to - When does it drop off? - do we agree more expectation after TP3? This seemed to be the case - @GioLic 'Definitely more expectation in terms of aims/activity after TP3.'

The next question was:

@fionaljp " I try to encourage reflection/expansion on input with -' - adding, 'However, time contraints on a 4-week CELTA - key issue for trainees - difficult to support and not overburden.'
@Sarah_TTrainer 'yes, take stock of things/input and not overload but reload. '
@Sarah_TTrainer also responded to the question by tweeting 'Oo, that's a tough one.... have infml chat w/trainee asap to check in' adding 'can be personal issue that's just cropped up & resolveable or more complicated(personal) issues. Best to check.'
@fionaljp 'Yes. If general issue maybe adapt input sessions - leave space.'
@GioLic 'And negotiate with trainees content of input if need be.' and @GioLic 'If trainees are falling behind, maybe focus feedback: e.g. how quickly can they locate notes form Reading/Listening?'
@fionaljp 'Yes, organisation skills key.'
@tesolmatthew 'one thing is to facilitate & ensure they peer support (horizontal support not just vertical).'💕💕
@sandymillin 'I tend to walk them through where to find the relevant resources for one TP e.g. do you remember that handout/input?'

The final questions were:

@sandymillan asked for clarification ' Is that referring to a specific criterion?' and @Sarah_TTrainer responded, ' partially achieved aim?  @ fionaljp responded, 'Not sure - maybe Cambridge criterion for a Pass?
@ bellinguist tweeted, 'Relating their lessons to the learners' language learning needs is also important' receiving 💕💕💕 and agreement @angelosbollas 'Very much agree with this. Don't you think trainees tend to focus less on improving in Topic 1 issues?' @fionaljp agreed but added, ' ...although sometimes it is difficult to build fixed profile with CELTA TP students' +/- attendance'.
As we came to the end of the live chat, @GioLic said, 'This is a huge area for CELTA training, however. Need more time.
@sandymillan agreed, saying ' I think criterion 5d is a whole chat in and of itself! @angelosbollas clarified '5d' - 'Managing the learning process in such a way that lesson aims are achieved'. 

Please see Storify #CELTAchat Monday 9 January page on 
blog and #CELTAchat for more details, but hopefully this summarises some of the key points in our very first #CELTAchat on Supporting Lesson Planning and Input. Thanks to all for participating. 

Looking forward to next #CELTAchat on Monday 6 February - watch out for next Padlet and please submit topics...

By @fionaljp

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